• I have 2 older children that came here… Thrived really well, stayed until they were ready to start primary school, so I had a good ethos with the nursery, and it was a no brainier when I had my last child immediately, I think while he was still in vitro, I called and said “I need a place here!”

    — Akilah Goodrey, Kayne's Mum

    It was very clear that this was a loving environment and that the children were happy here. Rosie’s been really lucky, she’s had fabulous key workers here, and they’ve shown a real love and care to her and I’ve always felt they got to know her very, very quickly. I think that it’s really clear from Jana, all the way down through all the staff, everyone here really loves small children and they’re really dedicated to their job so it’s just great to see that.

    — Eleanor, Rosie's Mum

    I enrolled MJ, funnily enough, when he was still in the belly…we visited and we haven’t looked back since. It was great, we looked around and we just had a good gut feeling about this place and I was happy when I came. It’s a home outside of home and I genuinely mean that. I feel really comfortable with him being here.

    — Valerie, MJ's Mum
  • They (Harmony), have their own tools here made from their own ideas, like “Chatter boxes” for example, they helped Kian to develop some of his skills and he had a hunger for learning and I think that’s been satisfied here. It’s just enough to say that, Kian before he goes to bed, he goes to bed looking forward to the next day to come back to Harmony by saying to me “tomorrow again nursery,” so that’s what every parent is looking for!

    — Haniya & Amir Sedghi, Kians parents

    When I came to see the nursery, I thought all the children seemed very happy and the staff seemed very friendly. It’s just a nice nursery, I really like it here!

    — Nathan John, Aaron's Dad

    Chester just loves it here, so even when I pick him up on a Friday at lunch time to spend time with me he says “I want to go back to nursery” which is not ideal! But he’s speaking has come on tremendously, he knows all of his animals, he’s only two and a half, he’s just a lot more confident…and just enjoys coming in. It was very much through word of mouth we found out about this place and I supposed it’s a little hidden gem really!

    — Claire Smith, Chester's Mum