• Updated testimonials as of November 2022

    My first daughter started in 2015 and had the greatest support and learning environment any parent could wish for.
    My daughter would be bursting with excitement to go to nursery and with lots to tell me on collection. She learnt so much here and was taught a good quality curriculum. She excelled and was sufficiently ready and equipped for primary school.

    My second daughter now attends Harmony. She started at 7months and is now 22 months. She is thriving here. She is safe, well kept and learning beautiful topics such as butterflies, seeing live chicks and the world around her. Her social and eating skills have developed exceptionally well and this is due to the great provision here at Harmony.

    Nursery staff are polite and make me feel welcome and that my child/children are safe. Finally, this is all testimony to the exceptional management at Harmony. A big thanks to Jana and Shandia.

    — Krystal Bridet
  • Both of our boys enjoyed Harmony and we will be very sad to leave it. The boys were always well looked after and they’ve learned so much during their time at the nursery. Miro transitioned into school very easily and I expect the same for Jonas. All the staff (old and current) were amazing, always giving us daily feedback during pickup and always with a smile on their faces. Most importantly, everyone I know who took their first child to Harmony, came back to send the second, third, etc children as well (including us). As they say, actions speak louder than words!

    — Julija Macaite

    Thoughts on Harmony’s strengths from my husband and I:
    – passionate and dedicated team
    – great development tools for children
    – always encouraging children on developing their strengths

    — Mireille

    I write to you today as the father of Rosemary Randall, who attended Harmony for a year back in 2013 before we all moved here to Germany. Yesterday, I found your Profile folder on our bookshelf and spent a happy half hour browsing through it and felt compelled to write to you to thank you again for the amazing work you did and I’m sure still do every day. The Profile folder was such an excellent demonstration of your philosophy put into practise and at the same time for me as a parent, a wonderful trip down memory lane. Rosie benefited enormously from your time and care during the year she spent with you and we’re tremendously grateful for the start you gave her.

    — Paul Doerte, Rosemary Randall's father

    I have 2 older children that came here… Thrived really well, stayed until they were ready to start primary school, so I had a good ethos with the nursery, and it was a no brainier when I had my last child immediately, I think while he was still in vitro, I called and said “I need a place here!”

    — Akilah Goodridge, Kayne's Mum

    It was very clear that this was a loving environment and that the children were happy here. Rosie’s been really lucky, she’s had fabulous key workers here, and they’ve shown a real love and care to her and I’ve always felt they got to know her very, very quickly. I think that it’s really clear from Jana, all the way down through all the staff, everyone here really loves small children and they’re really dedicated to their job so it’s just great to see that.

    — Eleanor, Rosie's Mum

    I enrolled MJ, funnily enough, when he was still in the belly…we visited and we haven’t looked back since. It was great, we looked around and we just had a good gut feeling about this place and I was happy when I came. It’s a home outside of home and I genuinely mean that. I feel really comfortable with him being here.

    — Valerie, MJ's Mum

    I also wanted to say thank you to you and your team – you have created a wonderful nursery and I am so happy that Marceau managed to get a place – we all love it and I can see how much he has already learnt since starting!

    — Ciara Solmi, Marceau’s mum
  • Since starting at Harmony Nursery Giacomo has enjoyed many different activities and settled in really well. We found the settling in procedure to be both supportive and reassuring. It was structured but flexible enough to go at the pace of the individual child. Giacomo also formed a really good relationship with his key worker from the start and loves coming to nursery everyday. Giacomo really loves the wide variety of activities he gets to participate in from water play to exploring different insects. We can see his enthusiasm and the fun he has through the daily app updates. The staff at harmony are dedicated to ensuring our children have the best experiences at nursery, from learning and engaging in different activities to also building friendships. We recently went to a harmony family party and it was so nice to see all of the staff there supporting the harmony community, putting on activities for our children and hosting all of the harmony families. We are so happy we decided to send our child to harmony, we have enjoyed getting to know the team and we know our child really likes the time they spend at the nursery.

    — Zoe and Oliviero Thompson

    Dear Harmoney team,
    there are no words to describe the true value of this nursery. Alessandro joined the Jupiter class last year, trying to settle from his old nursery in Oxford which he attended for three years. We as parents were worried for such significant change and impact that this would have had on our little one. Instead, it took only a couple of days to settle in amazingly well! He felt comfortable and at ease straight away, making lots of progress, hitting milestones and improving his self confidence in a remarkable way. Not only he was soon able to interact and play with adults and children of all ages, he also improved remarkably from the language perspective. Alessandro loves attending the nursery daily, and he loves his teachers and peers. We would truly recommend the Harmony nursery!

    — Annalisa and Gaetano

    They (Harmony), have their own tools here made from their own ideas, like “Chatter boxes” for example, they helped Kian to develop some of his skills and he had a hunger for learning and I think that’s been satisfied here. It’s just enough to say that, Kian before he goes to bed, he goes to bed looking forward to the next day to come back to Harmony by saying to me “tomorrow again nursery,” so that’s what every parent is looking for!

    — Haniya & Amir Sedghi, Kians parents

    When I came to see the nursery, I thought all the children seemed very happy and the staff seemed very friendly. It’s just a nice nursery, I really like it here!

    — Nathan John, Aaron's Dad

    Chester just loves it here, so even when I pick him up on a Friday at lunch time to spend time with me he says “I want to go back to nursery” which is not ideal! But he’s speaking has come on tremendously, he knows all of his animals, he’s only two and a half, he’s just a lot more confident…and just enjoys coming in. It was very much through word of mouth we found out about this place and I supposed it’s a little hidden gem really!

    — Claire Smith, Chester's Mum

    Thank you very much for organising the parents evening. It was nice to have the opportunity to spend some time with Augustin’s carers and get great feedback. I was also amazed by the healthiness of the lunches you are giving to our children.

    — Benjamin Pouly, Augustin’s Dad