Weekly Newsletter - May 2021

15th June 2021
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    Please find a brief highlight below from May 2021.

    Teaching and learning
  • It is an exciting time planning and delivering the curriculum to the children on the topic of ‘Growth’.  After we returned from Easter break, the children have been observing the life cycle of the chicken, being exposed to real life phenomena, watching hatching chicks and their growth. They learnt about

    the changes that takes place within nature and how to nurture small creatures. Some of the chicks have been provided a good home at a local Phoenix farm where we are planning that our children  will visit soon.

    Also, this week, the children in all classrooms, have the opportunity to observe the different stages of the larvae, pupa, and finally become butterflies. Furthermore, both the toddlers and the pre-school children have been planting seeds such as water cress, carrots and grass seeds and much more. 

  • New projects planned

    A new outdoor learning project has been launched by the Local Authority mily Support, which we are participating with starting from 14th May.  Our main focus is to create a more holistic learning area for the under 3’s as well as how to incorporate maths in the outdoor play environment.

    Another project that we have embarked on is Creative Music. All the practitioners, had training on it, and from 10th May, Creative Futures Company will be working closely with the practitioners in each classroom to enhance children’s communication and literacy through music.

  • Awarding qualifications

    Currently since April, we enrolled further, three new practitioners to gain qualifications in the field of Early Years and Childcare.

    • Cherice Neckles, (baby room) under taken level 3
    • Elisa Monteverde, (baby room) under taken level 3
    • Agnieszka Lukaszewska, an apprentice under taken level 2
  • Eylog and reviews

    We are now planning to re-instate our formal face-to-face meetings with the parents to provide feedback on your children’s progress starting from June.  You will be informed via email of a suitable date for both the key persons and yourselves.

  • To remind you 31st May is Spring Bank Holiday which we will close on this day.