Our History

  • Harmony Nursery was established in 2001 in partnership with the Council and the voluntary sector as a social enterprise, not for profit, day nursery.
  • The aim is to provide quality, affordable childcare for children and their families who are in employment or are working towards qualifications that will lead to employment.

    Our Successes

    • Maintaining our Outstanding Ofsted rating awarded originally in May 2011 and later in October 2015.
    • Nearly a thousand families have been able to maintain their employment or gained qualification which led to employment as a result of affordable childcare fees.
    • Children attending our nursery have been well prepared for the next steps to formal schooling and made the transition successfully.
    • The majority of the enquiries that we receive from parents interested in placing their children with us are due to recommendations from current and former parents. This reflects the positive and satisfactory service that the parents feel about our setting.
    • 32 children in receipt of the 2 year old offer with many more families preferring to wait for a place at our nursery rather than accepting a place elsewhere.
    • 56 local residents have been or are currently employed at Harmony. We remain committed to having a diverse staff team that reflects the community.