Weekly Newsletter - March 2021

14th June 2021
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    Please find a brief highlight below from March 2021.

  • After another long break in February due to many of the staff and some children contracted Covid, thankfully we all have recovered  and Lorellie (Venus Class) is progressing steadily.  We would like to thank you for your support during this period and enquiring about our health.  Furthermore, we observed that the children are happy to return to be with their friends and the adults in the setting.  We have also noticed that the parents have been working closely with their children as some of them are beginning to read simple words and the younger ones have been toilet trained.

    We acknowledge that additional tasks are required from both parents and staff in order to comply with the extra measures that put in place.  Also operating less hours in January and half an hour less in March due to the bubbles in place to prevent from further closure. 

  • Celebration of World Book Day

    We celebrated the world book day, the children brought their favourite books and dressed up in their favourite characters.

    These activities inspired the adults to read more books with pleasure and encouraged the children to tell their own stories which then the practitioners put them in writing.

  • The theme for next term: New Growth

    There’s no better time than spring to introduce the concept of planting seeds and the growth of plants. Growing grass is a hands-on project and will be easy for young children to carry out with minimal adult support. Children will observe how will these tiny dry grains grow into the lush green grass that covers the ground in the gardens and parks. Taking a step back and thinking about this is mind-boggling even for adults and is a great way to inspire children’s interest in nature.

    Once the grass is grown in containers, we can extend it by creating a meadow which will attract bees and other insects. 

    Furthermore, Children will be observing the life cycle of the butterfly.  They will learn about the different stages in the metamorphosis of butterflies and moths (egg, larva, pupa and adult.

  • Eylog and reviews

    We would like to apologise as many aspects of the communication with the parents have been affected this year.  It is due to the internet connection which was very problematic after our move to the new premises. Furthermore, face-to-face reviews with the parents has been put on hold. However, for next term we are planning to have virtual meetings with the parents and the key persons as now the internet is in operation in the office.

  • Our last day of term is Wednesday 31st March and returning for the children Tuesday 13th April. 

    Staff training day Monday 12th April on Creative Music