Weekly Newsletter - November 2020

8th December 2020
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    Please find a brief highlight below from November 2020.

    Teaching and learning
  • All children celebrated festival of light (Diwali) which also coincided with the autumn season, Thanksgiving and harvest. They dressed up in multicultural clothes. Jupiter classroom observed and learnt about candles and melting of wax, flickering of the wicks, and fire safety.  

  • The theme for next term: Clothing

    This topic will be linked to the seven areas of Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children will learn about the source of raw material, such as plant base, creatures and water proof clothing.  They will learn about weaving, sewing, tie and dye patterns, wax painting as well as looking at different patterns and prints. They will dress up in different costumes / multi-cultural clothes revealing each culture’s unique identity. 

    Christmas Pantomime, carol singing and Hanukkah celebrations

    This year, despite of the COVID we will continue to celebrate with the children Christmas and Hanukkah.  The Pantomime will be recorded which you can view via link, and requesting one of our parents to share the story of Hanukkah with the children and staff (view Christmas programme).

    Request from Parents
    • Parents and families: We request small remnants of fabrics, threads and cultural clothes for dressing up if possible.
    • If you feel that you have any spare time, we would like your support in reading or to introduce a song in your native language to the children..
    • We have been informed that many schools and nurseries have been affected by the COVID within the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. We would like to thank you for your collaboration in following our safety measures throughout this period, as we remain safe due to your cooperation.