Weekly Newsletter - October 2020

8th December 2020
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    Please find a brief highlight below from October 2020.

    Teaching and learning
  • To fulfil the topic of ‘Me, Myself & I’ we celebrated ‘Black History Month’ during October. The way we supported children’s diversity and to raise their awareness is by providing many activities including African outfits for dressing up, books and printing using skin tone colours.

    The older children were supported in identifying their heritage background, making flags of their countries and speaking and teaching others a few words of their native language. Our menu also reflected the food around the world. Every member of the staff prepared one dish and involved the children in preparation. Children proudly commented about their family pictures that was provided by the parents.

  • Chatter boxes and book loan scheme
  • Chatter boxes are wonderful tools for introducing and extending children’s vocabulary and use of language. It also influence children’s speech and language development.

    • Parents have a special time with their child/ren exploring the contents of the box. Quality talk take place and children’s language skills are noticeably enhanced.
    • All chatter boxes are based on children’s interests and can keep for one week. We urge you to ensure that all contents of the box will remain inside it when returning.
    • Book Loan Scheme One of the key outcomes of this programme is that it increases the quality time that children and parents/carers spend together. By allowing the children choose their special books to take home, it brings excitement and joy for them to carry the book bag and share it with you. This scheme takes place weekly and for you as a parent to remember to bring it back the following week in order for your child to choose another story.
    Request from Parents

    If you feel that you have any spare time, we would like your support in reading or introduce a song in your mother tongue language to the children in different languages

    Christmas Pantomime

    As we may not be able to host live performance this year, we are thinking of other options. We would like your ideas and comments on the best way of organising the pantomime following the government guidance. Please share your ideas with us.

    Thanks to Alexandra, Constantan’s mother for reading to the children a French story.