Weekly Newsletter - 18 May

18th May 2020
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    This week’s theme is about sensory and malleable activities that are easy to create and fun for all ages. 

    Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.


  • Play Dough

    The malleable properties of play dough make it fun for investigation and exploration as well as building up strength in all the tiny hand muscles and tendons. Poke, roll, squeeze, chop, cut…Each one of these actions aids fine motor development in a different way, as well as hand-eye co ordination and general concentration. View the recipe below to make your own safe version at home.

  • Baby Oil sensory bag…

    Children learn so much from using their senses and so offering them a sensory bag is a great (mess free!) way for them to learn how to track movement with their eyes and develop a greater understanding of texture. This activity will also allow the younger babies to spend longer time on their tummies. Simply put some oil, water and food colouring in a zip lock bag – you can also add glitter and shiny pebbles for extra textures.

  • Story time

    “The Three Little Pigs” is a great story for introducing numbers to your little one. This tale is a great way to study positive and negative character traits, other cultures, learn effective decision making, how to handle conflict, and natural consequences.


    Growing potatoes

    Growing potatoes with kids is a very fun and rewarding activity for children to help with. They can be grown in-ground or in-containers, making it a versatile crop. When harvest time comes, it’ll be like treasure hunters mining for gold! Find out how to grow them, even if you don’t have any outdoor space.


    Homemade pizza with veggie faces

    Here’s a toddler recipe to keep little bellies full and hands busy. They can decorate these pizzas themselves and pack in four of their five-a-day.