Weekly Newsletter - 11 May

10th May 2020
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful May Bank Holiday!

    This Monday, we are sharing more inspiration on educational activities for various age groups, mainly around physical tasks and the power of wellbeing.

  • Mindfulness

    With a simple technique of using visuals to imitate the actions of creatures, we can engage with children to participate in yoga to help stretch their bodies and focus their minds. Introducing this as part of your daily routine will be highly beneficial and bring some calmness to your day. Watch the video below to help guide you on this mindfulness journey.


  • Hopping

    Teaching your child how to hop on one leg helps improve their balance and co-ordination as well as strengthening their leg muscles. Try hopping 3 times on each leg to start with and build up on this during the week. If your child is finding difficulties in doing this, simply ask them to stand tall like a tree and count for 10secs.

  • Simon Says…

    Playing this game is a fun way to teach your children about body parts by copying your actions. This enhances their listening and looking skills, as well as being able to follow instructions like “Simon says touch your nose, clap your hands, jump up high…”

  • Story time

    Goldilocks and the three bears is a well known story for children of all ages. You can re-enact the story with your child to further develop their imagination and learn about descriptive words.  


    Growing cress

    At Harmony, we involve children in growing vegetables to harvest and eat, so as we roll into Spring, this is the best time to grow plants with your child. An easy one to grow is cress, just sprinkle some mustard seeds onto wet cotton wool and place them on your window sill – you can grow them in egg shells or decorated yogurt pots. Allow your child to watch the seedlings grow every day to observe the changes and learn about the science of plants.


    Savoury vegetarian muffins

    On this week’s menu we have a delicious savoury muffin mix, which acts as great finger food for breakfast, lunch or as a healthy snack. It is vital for children to get their 5 a-day and it’s easy to adapt with the vege you might already have in your fridge.