Weekly Newsletter

4th May 2020
  • Dear Parents/Carers,

    We would like to extend our support in helping your child’s development by providing weekly inspiration every Monday afternoon. You will find a list of educational activities for various ages groups and also our healthy recipe of the week!

  • Mindfulness

    As part of our daily routine at Harmony, we usually spend a few minutes after lunch practising mindfulness and meditation. Children are inundated with information on a daily basis so learning meditation from an early age can be extremely beneficial. This activity helps a child to re-center their attention and find focus in the moment. We sit together on the floor, play calming music and breathe deeply, in through our nose and out through our mouth for 3-5minutes.


  • Bubbles

    Blowing bubbles enhances your child’s speech and develops their hand-eye co-ordination when they try to reach for the bubbles. An easy mix of soap and water is all you need or you can buy a ready made mix from the shop.

  • Ball play

    Simply rolling a ball with your child teaches them how to take turns with someone else as well as vital hand-eye co-ordination. Try rolling the ball back and forth with your child and then add obstacles to offer more challenges. 

  • Story time

    Now that we are quarantined we are removing some old habits and learning better ones to be able to bond again with our friends and family while our planet recovers. Watch this video with your child for an informative insight on what has happened to us during this time.

  • Rhyming

    You can practise a rhyming word daily through play to improve language and literacy, here’s a video to get you started.

  • Build a fort

    Learn how to easily build a fort to create a quiet place for your child to retreat to, whether it’s to read books or simply enable child-initiated play.


    What’s new?

    To enhance the image and organisation within the nursery, we have embroidered our own Harmony branded bags to store children’s spare clothes, which will be hung on the children’s personalised pegs.

    Also, next week we will be carrying out training for the team on ‘quality observations’, and we will take this opportunity to carry out some appraisals with staff using our virtual system. 


    Banana Pancakes

    Cooking is a great way of teaching your child about science, maths and wellbeing – from measuring out ingredients and seeing how they change in structure, to tasting healthy meals which they have helped make. On this week’s menu is a healthy banana and oat pancake recipe, made with only a few ingredients (gluten and dairy free alternatives available)