Learning Topic: Space

6th March 2017

We would like to update you with the latest theme in the classrooms of Saturn and Jupiter (3 to 5 years).

The project topic is on ‘SPACE’, the children are learning the following:

  • different planets: areas of learning – Understanding the World & beyond
  • phases of the moon / created sequencing games the phases of the moon (Maths & Understanding the World)
  • such as NEW, QUARTER, & FULL MOON
  • Current news about visitors travelling around the moon 2018
  • The space ship that they will be using for this journey
  • new vocabulary using such as Waxing and waning (Communication and Language


  • the gravity on the space / moon – ( Expressive Art & Design (EAD): Imaginary Play)
  • role play dressed in astronauts outfits and pretending to be walking on the moon
  • reading different books on space and rockets (Literacy – Reading)
  • Mark making upside down (Literacy – Writing)
  • carrying out activities such as moon rock, moon sand (EAD – Exploring and Using Media & material)
  • crated a rocket for the role play (EAD – UM&M)
  • Using ICT rocket & toys (Understanding World – Technology)
  • counting (Maths – Numbers)
  • Action songs and rhymes (EAD – E&UM&M)


We urge you that when you come to collect your child, if you can have a look at what the children and staff created in the classrooms.   Feedback and further ideas are welcome.