2015/2016 REPORT
  • The summary of our latest report in October 2015, highlights the following:
    • This provision is outstanding. Staff have excellent partnerships with others to support children’s learning, such as parents, local schools and children’s centres.
    • Staff receive excellent levels of support. The manager gives highly effective supervision. She carries out regular comprehensive appraisals that precisely identify staff training and support needs. For example, staff attended a course on outdoor learning which has led to great improvements in children’s learning.
    • Staff plan a very wide variety of highly stimulating, innovative activities to promote children’s learning in exceptional ways. They assess children thoroughly and use this information very effectively to meet children’s needs exceptionally well.
    • Staff use highly successful approaches to ensure that children have opportunities to lead and construct their own play. This promotes deep levels of learning.
    • Children are extremely happy, very confident and highly motivated to learn. Staff use their excellent knowledge of children’s skills and interests to provide activities that children greatly enjoy.
    • Staff teach children excellent healthy routines to support their physical development. For example, they take children outdoors each day for fresh air and a very wide range of challenging physical activities to promote their physical development very effectively.